I am a first-generation college student. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate academia and higher education. My philosophy regarding teaching is to support and prepare my students based on their current needs and future goals. I teach using trickle-down engagement and informed learning. I’ve found this philosophy to transform even the most dreaded of courses, such as research methods at 8am on Mondays.  

Teaching Awards

  • Michigan State University Teaching Citation Award (2021)
  • Graduate Student Teacher Impact Award (2020)

Courses Taught

  • Public Relations Research
  • Account Planning and Research
  • Principles of Public Relations

What Students Have Said

This class is probably my favorite advertising course I have taken so far. I really like how you teach and are passionate about what you do. You always take time to ask if we have questions and you seem to just genuinely care about your students unlike just trying to get through the content and leave

Student feedback, 2020

Nikki McClaran is one of the best professors I’ve had. She is kind, makes the material engaging and challenges students so that they actually learn something.

Student feedback, 2020

I love the structure and the organization of the course. I have never had such a well thought out D2L page for any class before. I like your ability to connect with students and the real life examples were great. Overall love the way this course was structured and also found the material to be interesting and relatable.

Student feedback, 2019
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