I primarily research three main areas: incidental persuasion (persuasion through media that is not typically considered or intended to be persuasive), social norms (the behavior and/or thoughts of others), and prosocial communication (specifically targeting health-related and risky issues).

Incidental Persuasion

I am highly interested in how and why media that were not intentionally crafted to have a persuasive impact end up having one. This has primarily led me to entertainment education and other forms of narrative persuasion.

For example, I recently performed a content analysis of vaccination content in entertainment television. Check the article out here.

Social Norms

The influence of social norms are inescapable. The actions and thoughts of others continue to drive our own beliefs and behaviors in ways that I hope to better understand. Although social norms are a mainstay in the persuasion literature, there’s still much to be discovered.

I recently helped conduct a meta-analysis of social norms within the persuasion literature. Check it out soon!

Health & Risk Communication

Although I’m more interested in the processing of communication messages, I’m especially interested in how to effectively communicate health and risky information.

I recently conducted a study on how recycled water can be successfully communicated. Check it out here.

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